about us

SANA was officially registered in January 2012 as a non-profit company, in terms of section 14 of the Companies Act, 2008

SANA Mission Statement

“To ensure a South African Number Plate industry that is compliant to the prescribed law and dedicated to providing quality products to the public.”

SANA Vision Statement

“We will provide assistance, support and dedication to our members to render the South African number plate industry profitable and in line with world standards.”

SANA Association Values

“Our association values reflect the way that we administer the company and achieve our vision. Our values are:

  • To always put our members first, and continuously improve our service delivery to add maximum value to their lives;
  • To foster a culture of information sharing between all the roll players;
  • To ensure safe and environmental friendly working conditions; and
  • To proactively seek opportunities to create and foster the growth of previously disadvantaged enterprises."

SANA Aims and Objective

  • The facilitation and exchange of ideas;
  • To act as a clearing house for ideas, priorities and problems in the South African Number Plate Industry;
  • To collaborate and otherwise to avoid unnecessary duplication of effort in the Number plate industry;
  • To engage with National and Local Government and the various key role players in the Number plate industry.